MY illustraions.

oil painting, pen drawing, colored pencil drawing, animal character, and more...

I hope your enjoy time......

song of earth rabbits emperor remains ancient fish of space
Green color dolphin's turn. PIGPOP whitedemon green carrier imaged retro game
time love each other star & wing star & wing animal girls
go to treasure island Japanese HP's third anniversary of the founding new TV in the forest
Tiger queen & Her pigpet Judge snake mouth RED LAMB ATTACK!! RED LAMB
meatball no5 development of weapon a walk development of weapon 2 development of weapon3
to you... Judge snake mouth2. Lablads life ring DEADBELL IMAGE
no title TATEZUNA Clock grass Untitled,intention to untitled The world is alive......
future robo pen drawing I imagined the echo of the dolphin. Untitled 
cheers Bones melt and become bones  palm CIRCLE noise
Image of the cyber world of the 1980s